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Welcome Home (Sanitarium) is a song in Metallica's third studio album, Master of Puppets as well as a single. It was Metallica's second ballad, after “Fade To Black”. Like “Fade To Black” and Metallica's following ballad, “One”, “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” starts out with a slow guitar, with the drums coming in, then James Hetfield's vocals kicking in. Like the other ballads, the chorus are distorted and heavy, and soon return back to the sad and slow guitar part. However, the ending part, like “Fade to Black” and “One”, is fast-paced and heavy, with Hetfield angrily yelling about his pain and then Kirk Hammett performing a solo. All of the vocals also have an eerie echo effect throughout the song (possibly to emulate being trapped).


The song is presumably about a man who is trapped in a "sanitarium", which in this song is described as a mental asylum. He dreams of breaking free, and later in the song, there seems to be a mutiny of some sort in which the people trapped in the sanitarium rebel against the officials of the sanitarium, and James says he has "got some death to do" and that it "seems the only way of breaking free", probably implying that he is likely to kill the officials and break free.



  • ”Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” was inspired by the book One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
  • The time signature was 10/4 at the beginning, then 4/4, 10/8, then finally back to 4/4.


  Welcome to where time stands still
  No one leaves and no one will
  Moon is full, never seems to change
  Just labeled mentally deranged
  Dream the same thing every night
  I see our freedom in my sight
  No locked doors, no windows barred
  No things to make my brain seem scarred
  Sleep my friend and you will see
  That dream is my reality
  They keep me locked up in this cage
  Can't they see it's why my brain says "rage"
          Sanitarium, leave me be
          Sanitarium, just leave me alone
  Build my fear of what's out there
  Cannot breathe the open air
  Whisper things into my brain
  Assuring me that I'm insane
  They think our heads are in their hands
  But violent use brings violent plans
  Keep him tied, it makes him well
  He's getting better, can't you tell?
  No more can they keep us in
  Listen, damn it, we will win
  They see it right, they see it well
  But they think this saves us from our hell
          Sanitarium, leave me be
          Sanitarium, just leave me alone
          Sanitarium, just leave me alone
  Fear of living on
  Natives getting restless now
  Mutiny in the air
  Got some death to do
  Mirror stares back hard
  Kill, it's such a friendly word
  Seems the only way
  For reaching out again


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