The Wait is the third song on 1987's Garage Days Re-Revisited and on the second disc of 1998's album Garage, Inc.. It was written by Jaz Coleman, Kevin Walker, Martin Glover and Paul Ferguson, with a length of 4:52.


Originally released by Killing Joke in 1980 on the Killing Joke album, Metallica have already released their version in their 1987's Garage Days Re-Revisited EP. A live version of The Wait appears in the Live in London EP and in the Whiskey in the Jar single (recorded on 1997 in London, England); and in the Turn the Page single (recorded on 1998 in New York, NY).


The band played this song live for 28 times, first on August 20, 1987, in London (England). The Wait features in the Orgullo, Pasión y Gloria live album/video.



    Motives changing
    Day to day
    The fire increases
    Masks decay
    I look at the rivier
    White foam floats down
    The body's poisoned
    Got to sit tight
         The Wait
         The Wait
         The Wait
         The Wait
    After awakening
    The silence grows
    The screams subside
    Distortion shows
    Mutant thoughts
    Of bad mouthed news
    It's just another birth
    Of distorted views
         The Wait
         The Wait
         The Wait
         The Wait


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