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This page is a guide to the standard layouts used for all articles on the Metallica Wiki. The layouts below must be followed when new articles are created. Please note that there are different layouts used for different categories, so please use the layout that corresponds to the subject of the article.

The title of the article should be the full and most formal name of the subject. For more information on how to create and name pages, see our Manual of Style. After the page has been created and named, the bullet lists below should be followed in order from top to bottom. The words in bold are section titles and should use the "Heading 2" text format. If there is no information being added to the article at the time of its creation, these section titles must still always be added.

Song Articles

  • A short paragraph briefly showcasing it's respective album, track listing, and co-writers.
  • About - Give a descriptive overview about the song; this includes, but is not limited to, it's meaning, the inspiration of the song, how the band wrote it, etc.
  • Live - State how many times a song has been played live since it has been released, it's live debut date, and any variances of how the song has been played differently over the years.
  • Trivia - Basically what it says on the tin.
  • Lyrics – If the song has lyrics please include them at the bottom of the page. If the song is an instrumental please leave this section off the page.
  • Tour Dates – Include all tour dates a particular song has been played, must include the date of the show, city, country, venue, and a link the full set list of the show.

For example page, please refer to the Creeping Death page.

Album Articles

For example page, please refer to the Death Magnetic page

Section titles are here

Tour Articles

For example page, please refer to the Kill 'Em All for One Tour page.

Single Articles

For example page, please refer to the Nothing Else Matters single page.