Metallica Wiki

Here you can find a list of all the current projects we have here on the Metallica Wiki. The purpose of this page is to give contributors an idea of what needs to be done on the wiki. If you would like more detailed information on a project or would like specific tasks, leave your username below the project description. Please only leave your name if you are dedicated to working on the project. If you complete one of the tasks associated with a project, strike through the task under the project description. As tasks and projects are completed, new projects will be listed.

Page Formatting Cleanup

We have our very own Layout Guide, and it help keep the wiki look cohesive as possible we need yourself to correct pages to follow said layout. If you have any questions on how to set up templates please contact Hammiam for assistance.

Needed Pages

The following is a list of needed pages to help complete the wiki directory. Ranging from pages, tours, and even some albums. If you create a page from the list, please strike it out on here.


  • Re-Load Promo Tour
  • Poor Re-Touring Me Tour
  • Garage Inc Promo Tour
  • Garage Remains the Same Tour
  • M2K Mini Tour
  • Summer Sanitarium 2003 Tour
  • Sick of the Studio '07
  • 2008 European Vacation Tour
  • 2011 Vacation Tour
  • The Full Arsenal
  • Summer Tour 2013
  • Metallica Lords of Summer

Grammar and General Cleanup

This is an ongoing project. The best way to help out with this is to pick a page and read through the entire page, checking closely for grammar errors and other mistakes (incorrect information, poorly worded information, repeated sentences or words, irrelevant material, colloquialisms and slang, etc.). Even if you are reading a page or article without intending to edit, it would be very helpful to correct any errors you may see.