Load (album)

Hero of The Day is a song from Load. The song was the first song to be recorded, and was recorded December 13, 1995.


The song has been played 71 times. The song appeared mostly in 1997 on their 'Poor Touring Me' and 'Blitzkrieg '97' tour.

The last time the song was preformed was in 1999 with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, when they filmed S&M.

Music Video

The music video for this song was directed by Anton Corbijn and features a drug-addled youth watching a television, with every channel featuring Metallica in some way. A Western movie titled Load is featured, starring Newsted and Hetfield, followed by a boxing match with Hetfield as coach, and Newsted and Kirk Hammett as the fighters. After a drink called "Load" is advertised by Ulrich and Hetfield in matching suits, a game show called "Hero of the Day" (which is a parody of Jeopardy!) is seen being played. Then, it cuts to the news with the anchorman played by Hammett and featuring a clip of Hetfield singing the lyrics to the song. A girl calls at the youth's house and they later have sex. The girl later leaves. At the end, the youth passes out and dreams of tiny robot creatures, rendered in stop motion, emerging from his ear. He awakes from the dream and vomits into his toilet.

The music video was filmed in August 1996 in Los Angeles, CA, and came out August 21, 1996.