Death Magnetic (album)

Broken, Beat & Scarred is the forty-fifth single by American heavy metal band Metallica, and the sixth from their ninth studio album, Death Magnetic, released on April 3.

On March 19, Metallica's website announced "Broken, Beat & Scarred" as the next single from the album. The single was released in two formats - a digi-collectors edition and a maxi single.


Music video

On March 26, the official video for Broken, Beat & Scarred premiered on The video features the band performing the song live on the Death Magnetic tour. It was directed by Wayne Isham, who has previously worked with the band on several videos including Cunning Stunts.

Lyrical theme

The theme of the song seems to be about not giving up. The lyrics "What don't kill ya' make ya' more strong" seem to allude to this.

Track listing

  • CD 1 (Digi-pack):
  1. "Broken, Beat & Scarred" - 6:25
  2. "Broken, Beat & Scarred" (Live) - 7:33
  3. "The End of the Line" (Live) - 7:38
  • CD 2 (J card):
  1. "Broken, Beat & Scarred" - 6:25
  2. "Stone Cold Crazy" (Live) - 3:06
  3. "Of Wolf and Man" (Live) - 4:25
  • DVD single:
  1. "Broken, Beat & Scarred" (Promo video)
  2. "The Day That Never Comes" (Promo Video)
  3. "Death Magnetic Electronic Press Kit" - 17:25
  • CD Maxi-single:
  1. "Broken, Beat & Scarred" - 6:25
  2. "Broken, Beat & Scarred" (Live) - 7:33
  3. "The End of the Line" (Live) - 7:38
  4. "Stone Cold Crazy" (Live) - 3:06
  5. "Of Wolf and Man" (Live) - 4:25

All live versions recorded at the O2 Arena on September 15, 2008 at the "Death Magnetic" release event.[1]

Chart performance

Chart (2009) Peak
Austria Singles Top 75 74
Dutch Top 40 25
Finland Singles Chart 4
France Singles Top 100 36
German Singles Top 100 35

Incorrect credits

The CD maxi single which was released in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia, was found to have incorrect information in the credits. The band said that no one from the band or their management got to see the artwork before it was released, and it's a fault of the record company.

The band said that the singles are likely be pulled from the stores and another batch will be made available soon.

Release details

Date Country/Region Format[1]
April 3, 2009 Europe (except France) Digi-collectors edition
South America CD Maxi single
April 6, 2009 France Digi-collectors edition
April 13, 2009 Southeast Asia CD Maxi single
New Zealand


Other personnel
  • Rick Rubin – producer

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